Tune Monkeys are in Tucson, Arizona. They are: 

  • Mark Chambers (mandolin)
  • John Walkenbach (guitar)
  • Jerry Ray Weinert (upright bass).

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The band consists of three friends who have monkeyed around with traditional string band tunes since their teen years. Coming together as a band in 2019, they now present a combined musical experience of more than 150 years!

Tune Monkeys play for community and private events: farmers markets, restaurants, bars, gallery events, and coffee houses. 
The band's music might be described as acoustic Americana stringband (no vocals). The tunes are catchy, easy to listen to, and also serve as perfect background music for dining and other occasions. No talking, no singing. Just three guys in Tucson playing tunes.

Mark Chambers, mandolin, leads the band with his captivating style and enormous collection of old and new acoustic string band tunes. John Walkenbach, guitar, is a master of rhythm and good musical taste. Both Mark and John grew up in Missouri. Jerry Ray Weinert, upright bass, anchors the beat and complements John's swinging rhythm. He cut his musical teeth in Ohio.

The goal for each performance is to have more fun than a bunch of monkeys swinging in a tree.

"Loved those Tune Monkeys! Nice relaxed tempos,
great tune choices, and they make it swing!
Plus my grandson had a blast dancing to them!"

Greg Canote, January, 2023